Monday, May 20, 2013

Learn By Fun Contest - Play & Win!:

Winners of Round 2 (Sudoku): 

3500+ Sudoku games were played during the stipulated time frame for Sudoku.

The results of Soduku are as follows:

First Position
Anirban Kundu (Anirban9) from Kolkata
Second Position: Deepak Ranjan (dr.8157) from Tiruchirapalli

The above mentioned winners get Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse combo + 1000 points and Skullcandy Headphone + 750 points respectively.

To check the cumulative leaderboard after the first two rounds, click here.

All those who missed out this time, don't lose hopes. We have the next round starting tomorrow with Word Search.

All the Best!Keep participating. Keep learning!


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