Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Highlights of major events that took place this week:


Ukraine crisis: Russia, Ukraine, the US and the EU reached a surprise deal in Geneva to disband armed separatists that have taken over government buildings in eastern Ukraine. However, the deal lost its credibility as the blame game started again with Russia accusing Ukraine of firing on pro-Russia activists and Ukraine saying that the shooters were not from Ukraine but sent by Russia to provoke a war and terrorize pro-Ukraine locals. 

"Britain is a Christian nation': British PM David Cameron's controversial remark calling Britain a 'Christian country' has sparked a debate. Several renowned British dignitaries have condemned his comment saying that  such comments will lead to alienation and division in society. However, leaders of different religious faiths have supported his thoughts. 

Casinos! Not in Nepal: The Nepal government has declared Casinos illegal after outstanding debt ran to Rs. 1.07 billion and the casinos failed to renew licenses. 


New Navy Chief: Admiral R. K. Dhowan has been appointed as India's new Navy chief. The navy had been without a chief since the resignation of Admiral Devendra Joshi. 

Khap Panchayat scripts history: Satrol Khap in Hisar has scripted history by becoming the first Khap in the history of the country to allow inter-caste marriages. 

IPL 2013 betting scandal: The Supreme Court of India has rejected the BCCI's proposed 3-member panel to probe the IPL scandal and instead has asked  Justice Mukul Mudgal to further investigate the scam.

Three photos from around the world:


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