Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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310 dead, 450 injured in Haj stampede in Saudi Arabia
World > Haj Disaster > 24th September
At least 717 pilgrims from around the world were killed in a crush outside the Muslim holy city of Mecca, Saudi authorities said, in the worst disaster to strike the annual haj pilgrimage for 25 years.

India, US sign $3-billion deal for Apache,Chinook copters
India > India-US Deal > 29th September
India signed a nearly $3 billion deal for purchase of 22 Apache attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy-lift choppers with American aviation giant Boeing and the US government. The first helicopter is likely to be handed over to India in the next three to four years.

India pips US, China as No. 1 foreign direct investment destination
India > Foreign Direct Investment > 30th September
India has emerged on top of the foreign direct investment league table, overtaking China and the United States, according to the FT data service. A ranking of the top destinations for greenfield investment (measured by estimated capital expenditure) in the first half of 2015 shows India at number one, having attracted roughly $3 billion more than China and $4 billion more than the US, according to the Financial Times newspaper.

India-built biggest warship INS Kochi commissioned to navy
India > INS Kochi > 30th September
India’s biggest, indigenously-built warship INS Kochi was commissioned into the Indian Navy by Union defence minister Manohar Parikkar at the Mumbai dockyard. Commissioning it, Parikkar described the 7,500-tonne vessel, capable of speeds of more than 30 knots and there is renewed enthusiasm among defense production units, PSUs and private sectors.


India, Iran and Afghanistan come together for international transit corridor
Economy > International Transit Corridor > 24th September
India is looking to step up the pedal over its ambitious Chabahar port project in Iran by signing an international transit corridor agreement with Iran and Afghanistan. One of the reasons why the port project is important for India as it will facilitate access to Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan.

India to 'hike green energy targets' to combat climate change
Politics and Government > Renewable Energy > 24th September
India promises to hike renewable energy targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, in long-awaited pledges to be announced next week for upcoming UN climate change talks. India will increase solar and wind energy capacity but it's unclear whether it will commit to a timeline for reducing its overall carbon emissions blamed for climate change.

PM Modi to host G-4 meet in New York to push for UNSC reforms
India > G-4 Meet > 24th September
India announced a summit of G-4 countries, the leading proponents of UN Security Council expansion, shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival in the US. The summit, which was mooted by India, will be hosted by Modi at the hotel Waldorf Astoria and will be attended by Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

India launches its first space observatory Astrosat
India > Space > 28th September
India launched its first space observatory, Astrosat, from the country’s main space centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh, becoming a member of the select group of space organisations to have a lookout in orbit after the US, Japan, Russia and Europe. The satellite was zoomed into space by a PSLV C-30 rocket from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at 10am.

Government unveils framework for ranking Indian institutes, list to be out in 2016
India > Indian Institutes Ranking > 30th September
The government unveiled a framework for ranking annually engineering and management institutes taking into account placement, entrepreneurship, compensation package, research activity and inclusiveness through reservations among others.

Madhesi border blockade sparks anti-India feelings in Nepal
World > Nepal > 30th September
The disruption in cross-border trade between India and Nepal following protests by Madhesis has affected markets and citizens across both sides of the un-demarcated border.

Pakistan hits back over PoK report, claims visuals doctored, propaganda of Indian media
World > PoK Report > 30th September
A day after Pakistan government's brutality in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was exposed, the nation claimed that the visuals were doctored and called it a propaganda of the Indian media.

PM Modi meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, urges him to pass on info on Indians held captive in Mosul
World > PM Modi Meets Palestinian President > 30th September
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, discussed the condition of the Indians taken as prisoners in Iraq and Libya in New York before leaving for India. Modi also urged Abbas to pass on any information that he might have on the status of 39 Indians held captive.

Barack Obama says that Syria leader Assad must go if Islamic State is to be defeated
World > Islamic State > 30th September
US President Barack Obama said that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad must go if the Islamic State group is to be defeated, as he rallied world leaders to revitalize the coalition campaign against the jihadists.

A day after clashing with Russian President Vladimir Putin over how to handle the crisis in Syria, Obama hosted a counterterrorism summit at the United Nations to take stock of the one-year air war against IS fighters in Iraq and Syria.


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